dolomiti ski jazz 10.03.2024
in the larch grove of ebnerrast Altrei-at 11.00 am

JAZZ MATINEE & FRÜHSCHOPPEN with the REVENSCH at 11,00 am in Altrei

Dolomiti Ski Jazz has been the most important winter jazz event for twenty-six years. The unique elements that make it stand out include not only top-notch musical performances but also the original setting in the Dolomites landscapes and plenty of fun.


Helga Plankensteiner – alto saxophone

Michael Lösch – melodica

Paolo Trettel – trumpet

Hannes Mock – trombone

Glauco Benedetti – tuba

Paolo Mappa – snare drum

Helga Plankensteiner is a dynamic musician, well-known for her energy and excellent improvisational skills. Revensch features some of the most interesting talents from the Trentino Alto Adige region with whom Helga has achieved a level of expressive quality at the highest level, the result of a long and intense artistic collaboration. The ensemble effortlessly blends different musical genres, combining fun and expressive rigors

tasty frühschoppen